Fun with Big Data and Data Analytics

fun word 150x150 Fun with Big Data and Data Analytics So I’m doing a bit of online research to find some interesting big data and/or data analytics topics for today’s blog post.

Seeing it’s nearly the end of the week, I figure some lighthearted musings on the subject(s) might be in order so I decide to use the search terms “big data,” “analytics,” and “fun.”

I think maybe I’ll stumble upon an article or two like Fun Facts on Big Data that will have some fun factoids I can share with you. For example: Do you know that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years? And are you aware that $214 is the average amount companies have to spend per compromised customer when a data breach occurs?

As I continue my research, I also come across this Pinterest site, Fun with Big Data, chock full of interesting and “fun” infographics relating to big data. According to one infographic: “Who doesn’t need [a Twitter pillow] when there are 100,000 new tweets every hour?” Another infographic informs us that 93% of adult Internet users in the US are on Facebook (just for the record, I’m in that 7%).

Then there’s this humorous big data cartoon that shows us that an organization’s database of useful information stands at 5K, while its database of useless information tops off at 500,000,000 GB (a reminder of the need for a good data analytics tool, if there ever was one).

That’s the sort of fun stuff I have in mind when I start my investigation.

But imagine my surprise when I happen on this Meetup website that offers Big Data Analytics Meetup Groups. That’s right – groups for people who want to get together to talk all things big data and data analytics.

Here’s some data about these groups for you: There are 4,025 members in 47 big data groups (1,294 others are waiting for Meetup groups in their areas) in 34 cities in six countries around the world. Most of the groups are in the US.

The largest Meetup group is Open Analytics NYC, which boasts 368 members. This group is devoted to the use and development of open source, big data, and agile intelligence solutions for the NYC Metro area. If you’re in the area, and you’re interested in solving real business problems using open source, big data analytical solutions then this is the group for you.

Third on the list of Meetup groups is the San Francisco Metrics Meetup, with 311 “quantifers.” This monthly Meetup offers “monitoring geeks” a forum to gather and trade new ideas, data, and war stories. If you love data, this Meetup is for you, according to its members.

Coming in at number 31 on the list of Meetups with 24 members is The Brisbane Data Scientists Meetup Group in Brisbane, Australia. This group meets for discussion and collaboration in the science of data.

If you can’t get enough big data and data analytics talk, check out these groups – you might just have some fun.

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