How BI and Data Analytics Pros Used Twitter in July

Analytics and BI on Twitter 150x150 How BI and Data Analytics Pros Used Twitter in JulyIt’s time for a wrap up of how BI and data analytics pros used Twitter in July. Our monthly feature is loaded with a few awards, interesting reads, thoughtful tweets and a few cool things to check out such as the BI Wisdom Chat on Friday at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Let’s kick off with the awards.

Most Retweeted 

Each month, we run an analysis of data analytics on Twitter with the Topsy analytics tool. It gives us a good gauge of what’s happening in the world of data analytics on Twitter. This month, the most Retweeted post we didn’t mention in our last recap comes to us from Justin Kern, senior editor at Information Management.

His article is on an IDC report that claims big data may be the industry darling, but “data warehousing and analytics tools are the real winner.” According to the report, the tools are “racking up double-digit market growth.”

Most Retweeted Spotfire Post

It seems data geeks just want to have fun. Our postFun with Big Data and Data Analytics” was met with much Twitter rejoice, or is that Retweets? You decide. Well worth a read if you need a few minutes away from gleaning insights from that pile of big data on your desk (you know that pile of papers you’ve been keeping because you might need something). A shout out to Meetup HQ for sharing the Twitter love on our “research.”

Cool Follow of the Month

He studies the science of political campaigns and recently dissected the Romney campaign’s data strategy and quipped: “They’re outsourcing it.” He is Sasha Issenberg and you can learn more from his “moneyball for politics” book, “The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns,” which will be out in September.

Study: Big Data Can Reduce Cyber Risk  

This Twitter find fell on the line of being most Retweeted, but we’ll push it into August since it’s still getting lots of link love. We found it in ComputerWeekly’s Twitter feed on how “big data analytics can reduce threats, risks and incidents in cyberspace.” The report discusses the findings of a recent study from Information Security Forum (ISF). A few takeaways:

  • Data analytics helps the executive team “better understand and manage their risk/reward in cyberspace.”
  • These insights can “lead to improved information security, greater organizational agility and better cyber resilience.”
  • Only half of the organizations in the report are using data analytics for “fraud prevention, forensics and network traffic analysis.”

Read the rest of the report or download the ISF executive study.

Twitter & the London Eye

Twitter is a shining star in the most data analytics intensive Olympics yet. According to an article by Renee Boucher Ferguson, a researcher and editor on data analytics for the MIT Sloan Management Review, Transportation for London (TfL) is analyzing all sorts of Olympic data in order to “ensure a smooth flow of commuter traffic to generating a multi-colored light show on the London Eye (a famous Ferris wheel) based on Twitter feed sentiments.”

Twitter Event to Check Out

Howard Dresner‘s #BI Wisdom chat happens every Friday at 1 p.m. Eastern. This week’s topic looks rather interesting – Does data visualization deliver business value?

That’s your wrap on how BI and data analytics pros used Twitter in July. As always, here’s your convenient list of must follows:







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