shutterstock 1862799651 150x150 Life Is Data: Improving Public Welfare with Big Data

Life Is Data: Improving Public Welfare with Big Data

The term “big data” is a bit of a misnomer. That’s because while the size of the data streaming into companies from social networks, online shopping, mobile devices and sensors attached to machinery is massive, the most important aspect of big data is the potential for how it can be applied to solve some of […]

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2 Distinctions You Need To Know for Visualization Success

by Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions Data visualization is pervasive across all business intelligence (BI) applications because of the speed and ease for communicating relationships and trends. However, many organizations still struggle to create effective visualizations because of the lack of training and understanding of basic principles. While data visualization and business intelligence go hand-in-hand, they […]

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in-memory processing benefits

Cartoon: The Business Benefit of In-Memory Processing

Here’s the real business benefit of in-memory processing (according to a SAP HANA customer at the recent BI2014 conference!): If you’re interested in real business benefits, check out the post on SAP HANA ROI (no, it’s not “expensive”):   Read this post in source website.

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shutterstock 186523718 300x200 Wealth Management: Strengthening the Advisor Client Relationship

Wealth Management: Strengthening the Advisor-Client Relationship

Despite nearly a decade of negative real returns on equity and a string of bear markets, global wealth has more than doubled since 2000, reaching an all-time high of $241 trillion last year. That’s according to the 2013 Credit Suisse Wealth Report, which forecasts that global wealth is expected to grow 40% over the next five […]

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Talking Technology and Indian Food on the Streets of Boston

by John Ward, Marketing Manager, SAP Several weeks ago I wrote about how technology is bringing new meaning to the term “Boston Strong.” In that blog, city officials talked about the success of their analytics-based Problem Properties initiative and the Boston About Results Web platform that gives citizens instant insight into the city’s performance. But […]

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shutterstock 161390606 300x200 Analytics Maturity, Stage 1: Measure: Business Status Right at Your Fingertips

Analytics Maturity, Stage 1: Measure: Business Status Right at Your Fingertips

In a previous post, we explained that increasingly the long-term business success in today’s data-driven economy will center on an organization’s analytics maturity. The first stage of the Analytics Maturity Model, “Measure,” enables executives and front-line managers to get a quick, current status of the operational performance and the business performance of their company. Many […]

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SAP HANA Brings ROI of over 500% for University of Kentucky

SAP HANA is too often pigeonholed as expensive and only for extreme data needs. But more and more companies are crunching the numbers and realizing that in-memory processing is simply a cheaper, better way to do analytics. Dennis Howlett of Diginomica has already talked about the projected cost savings of $13M for one large government […]

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Advanced Analytics: From the Real World, For the Real World

by Shekhar Iyer, Global VP of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, SAP (@bishekhar) There’s been a lot of buzz and hype surrounding Big Data and advanced analytics. As the business world begins to grasp potential impact of data-driven strategies, it’s becoming obvious that this approach will help companies truly differentiate. Some companies remain skeptical, while […]

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hadoop summit

Hadoop Summit Amsterdam 2014: Crossing The Chasm

This year’s Hadoop Summit in Amsterdam was even more interesting than last year’s, with more sponsors (including SAP), more functionality for enterprise use cases, and more enterprise examples. The conference was in the historic Beurs Van Berlage conference center. It’s a great venue for out-of-town guests situated just a few minutes’ walk from Amsterdam’s Central […]

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shutterstock 1189420151 300x201 Data + Cloud = Money

Data + Cloud = Money

Many organizations are realizing that great potential insight lies within the big data in their own networks and streaming through the social web. And that means these enterprises should be focused on the money they could be making if they take advantage of cloud-based analytics. Measuring Cloud Effectiveness That’s the assertion of Mark Herman, executive […]

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