Day Two: Heineken and the SAPinsider Amsterdam Experience

As mentioned in my Bicycles and Connecting post, this is my first time in Amsterdam. Over the weekend, I tried to squeeze in as much as possible to really “experience” the city. One of the excursions I took was the “Heineken Experience,” which is basically a tour of the Heineken brewery. It incorporated fun, interactive […]

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Integrated Business Planning – the Inevitable Journey for Finance

by Pras Chatterjee, EPM Product Marketing, SAP It should come as no surprise that the next mile of finance is upon us – changes are afoot in the world of budgeting and forecasting. Traditionally, this has entailed the finance organization  accumulating information at a high level of aggregation from their business partners (sales, HR, marketing) […]

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big data graphic iceberg 690

The Ethics of Big Data: Vendors Should Take A Stand

I have been working in analytics for over twenty years, and have witnessed first hand how these technologies have made the world a better place. I’ve seen thousands of examples, from every type of corporate efficiency imaginable, to improving customer satisfaction at theme parks and making better use of limited blood supplies. Yet we’ve only […]

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types of content to attract customers to your business 300x239 Social Analytics to Assemble an Army of Brand Advocates

Social Analytics to Assemble an Army of Brand Advocates

Socially active customers wield a great deal of influence on the behaviors of their friends and families. Consider this: 60% of Facebook users and 79% of Twitter users say they’re more likely to recommend a brand to their friends after interacting with that brand on a social network, according to a survey by research firm Chadwick […]

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Day One at SAPinsider Amsterdam: Bicycles and Connecting the Enterprise

This is my first visit to Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city, the architecture is amazing, and the history is incredible. What’s even more incredible is how people get around. The first thing I noticed stepping out of my hotel were all the bicyclists clearly on a mission to reach their destination. I’d heard about the […]

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energycosts Data Analysis to Hedge Against Volatile Energy Costs

Data Analysis to Hedge Against Volatile Energy Costs

Thanks to the often dramatic swings in the price of oil, natural gas, electricity and other energy sources, many companies often find themselves reacting to market prices and paying stiff costs for energy. In fact, the spot price for West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil has skyrocketed more than fivefold between 2002 and 2012, according to […]

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What is Fraud Costing Your Organization?

by Rani Goel, Applied Analytics, SAP How do you respond to fraud in your organization? Can you spot it ahead of time or as it’s happening? Or do you discover it after the fact, when it’s too late to do anything about it? According to the ACFE’s Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud & Abuse, […]

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Analyse This!

by Jane Gray, Marketing Manager – Analytics, SAP UK & Ireland Like so many other technologies, business intelligence is steadily becoming democratised.  A few years ago, business intelligence (BI) was the province of IT specialists and business analysts – a relatively niche, expert community.  Today, analytical insight is recognized as far more powerful when placed […]

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yesno 300x145 Predictive Analytics: Predicting the Unpredictable Consumer

Predictive Analytics: Predicting the Unpredictable Consumer

It’s become a ubiquitous sight for retailers: the customer hunched over a smartphone in a store browsing competitors’ prices and scouring consumer reviews before making a buying decision. So, how can retailers break through to this consumer who’s so distracted by a deluge of information? Companies need to start with understanding their target customers, according to […]

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Benefits of Mobile Location Analytics

by Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions A key component to our use of mobile devices is location awareness, which is a feature baked into every smart phone and tablet thanks to GPS. In an era of “Big Data”, where geographic locations of people, assets, and events are digitally captured, it’s estimated that over 80% of data captured […]

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