shutterstock 137977715 300x200 Analytics: Activating the Inquisitive Analyst

Analytics: Activating the ‘Inquisitive Analyst’

In this chapter of our continuing series of posts spotlighting the needs and interests of different types of analytics users in the enterprise, we feature Allison, an inquisitive mergers and acquisitions (M&A) analyst for an international bank who has exceptional analytical skills and domain expertise. In previous posts, we’ve featured the unique requirements of Brian, a […]

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Experience SAP BI Strategy and Innovation Days: California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania

Leading companies are using business intelligence (BI) to do business in the moment and make informed decisions on the fly. How can you increase your competitive edge that comes from analyzing data in real time on mobile platforms with easy-to-use, intuitive tools? Join us for SAP BI Strategy and Innovation Days in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and […]

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Maximizing the Value of Business Intelligence – A New Information Source

by Pam Ireland, Vice President, Customer Success, Analytics, SAP How many URLs do you have that are bookmarked for business intelligence (BI)? Ten? Twenty? More? There’s a wealth of information out there – about BI as a discipline and about SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solutions. We know information is scattered across many sites – and […]

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shutterstock 139613771 300x244 Data Analysis to Move Marketing Toward On Demand

Data Analysis to Move Marketing Toward ‘On Demand’

Marketing has been turned on its head in the past few years, given the immense power and reach that digital provides. But, digital marketing soon will be entering another evolution, driven by increasing consumer demands to be “always on,” and powered by the big data that makes campaigns highly relevant. That’s according to new research from McKinsey […]

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SAP Extends Back to School Offer to Students for “Big (or small) Data” Analysis with SAP Lumira

SAP has extended a back to school offer to all students via the SAP University Alliance program to access a free download of the self-service analysis solution SAP Lumira. SAP Lumira allows anyone to access, transform and visualize data in a repeatable, self-service way. With its point and click interface and engaging visualizations, SAP Lumira […]

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shutterstock 139374200 300x220 Data Analytics and Continuous Productivity

Data Analytics and Continuous Productivity

It’s been said that the lines between work and personal life are wearing thin or even non-existent. We’re always “on” – and that means we can be even more productive. It’s what Steven Sinofsky (@stevesi) calls “continuous productivity.” His long-form piece on this topic is a fascinating read and inspired us to take a look […]

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Five Best Practices for Enterprise BI

by Jayne Landry, Global VP & GM Business Intelligence, SAP I was in Miami recently for the SAP Americas Partner Summit. The hotel we were in allowed four wireless connections per room  – there I was, all by myself, AND using three connections, one for the phone, one for the laptop and one for my […]

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Good Visualization Is Worth More than a Thousand Words

by Jason Rose, SAP Good business intelligence (BI) means being able to tell a good story. Ultimately, solid BI should allow those who view it to understand what’s happening, make an informed decision, or take a necessary action. Since we all know that a picture is worth a thousand  words, data visualization is critical to […]

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shutterstock 709183481 300x300 Big Data Analytics: Turning Prospects Into Customers

Big Data Analytics: Turning Prospects Into Customers

When done right, mobile advertising can be very effective in attracting consumers and driving high conversion rates. In fact, 88% of clicks on mobile search ads were complementary to organic search results, according to a Google study. Of course, the use of predictive analytics can enable marketing and advertising professionals to discover valuable insights about mobile […]

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Going “Mocial” with SAP Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

by Karuna Mukherjea, EPM Product Marketing, SAP Recently I came across the term “Mocial”. Simply put, “Mocial” is a combination of mobile and social, and implies how everything we do is connected to our phones and tablets that we carry on person or in our bags. The buzz around Mocial is usually in the context […]

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