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Connecting the Enterprise — With Analytics

“This is a fascinating time for analytics” says Steve Lucas, Executive VP for SAP responsible for Analytics and Databases worldwide. Presenting at the SAP Analytics Forum in Paris, Lucas defined analytics very broadly as “careful observation that broadens our understanding of the world.” Lucas used his own personal experience to illustrate the new opportunities: “I’m […]

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walking a tightrope 300x292 Data Analysis: Walking the Line Between Cool and Creepy

Data Analysis: Walking the Line Between Cool and Creepy

With so much buzz lately about the National Security Agency’s use of personal data gathered from technology companies, consumers are more sensitive than ever about how their personal data is being used. But despite the public outcry over government access to personal communications information, many consumers say they’re OK with companies using their personal data […]

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Quick Wins? Big Wins? Or Can I Have My Cake and Eat It Too?

Over the last month I’ve clocked a lot of miles heading from the UK to the U.S., to South Africa for the AFSUG events and back to Europe for SAPinsider, and during that time I’ve spoken to a lot of customers.  Those conversations, as you can imagine, have been pretty varied, ranging from questions about […]

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hurldes 150x150 Clearing the Data Analysis Hurdles

Clearing the Data Analysis Hurdles

An overwhelming majority of companies note that analytics will become more critical to their successes in the future. But even so, business are still struggling with numerous challenges related to data analysis. In fact, 96% of respondents to a recent Deloitte survey say that analytics will become more important to their organizations in the next three […]

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Transform the Decision-Making Process with Social Collaboration Software

by Keith Hamrick, SAP Reaching a group consensus can be an enormous challenge that can prevent a company from executing quickly. Yet, it’s a necessary component of working within an organization, and it’s essential to the success of a business. Including other people in the decision-making process helps illuminate the pros and cons of choosing […]

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quotes 13 Really Cool Quotes About Data

13 Really Cool Quotes About Data

All week we’ve been writing about some great data analytics topics. And we hope we’ve given you some some information and food for thought that can help you make better business decisions. But it’s Friday, so let’s have some fun. Here for your perusing pleasure are 13 (my favorite number) of the best data quotes […]

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VELUX: A New BI Strategy to Meet New Needs

VELUX is a €2.3bn provider of roof windows and skylights, headquartered in Copenhagen in Denmark. The VELUX name is derived from “ventilation” and “lux” (light in Latin), and it’s one of the strongest global brands in building materials. Anders Reinhardt, head of global business intelligence for Velux recently gave presentations at two key European events, […]

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strategy Transitioning to an Analytics Driven Big Data Strategy

Transitioning to an Analytics-Driven Big Data Strategy

The combination of big data and analytics offers company executives and managers new ways of visualizing information and pinpointing business trends that haven’t been possible in the past. For instance, machine data that’s gathered from a factory floor can reveal whether a change in vibration patterns or operating temperature might be a precursor to a […]

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What? No App for That? Why Small Businesses Can’t Afford Not to Go Mobile

By: Christine Mykota, North American Ecosystem Group, SAP Picture this: One day, a valve manufacturer sends its most senior account manager, Jim, to visit its top customer. During the meeting, the anxious customer questions his standing quarterly product order. Given all the recent water damage inflicted on homes by a string of powerful hurricanes, he […]

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The “Big Data” Storm …

by Mimi Spier, Analytics Product Marketing, SAP As some of you may know, I wrote a blog last week that asks, ‘ Is Big Data Really a Big Opportunity?’ and if you haven’t the chance to read it… my answer was YES. I recently saw this Big Data infographic, and thought it was quite interesting […]

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