steve lucas and scrooge

Could Ebenezer Scrooge Be On YOUR Board?

At SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, Steve Lucas, executive vice president of Database and Technology at SAP, gave a presentation focused on extracting business value from big data. You can watch a replay of the session on the SAP Virtual Event site: Tune Into New Business Signals in the Age of Big Data  (registration required) The basic theme […]

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curiosuty The Data Analysis of a Data Scientist

The Data Analysis of a Data Scientist

When it comes to data scientists, it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. At the beginning of the year, we told you that there was a looming shortage of data scientists and things were only going to get worse. Well, it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. Recently some three […]

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Rethinking BI: 3 Big New Old Ideas

The impact of new BI architectures on the BI process Last year, I presented at dozens of conferences, explaining the big changes to BI infrastructures brought about by new technologies (in-memory, hadoop, MPP, in-db analytics, real-time, etc.). And this year, I’ve presented dozens of examples of the real-life business changes that have been made possible […]

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tumblr mc5gzw7XZB1runwu3o1 500 300x210 The Data Analytics of Thanksgiving – Part Deux

The Data Analytics of Thanksgiving – Part Deux

Last year, we served up a full course of data analytics based mostly on turkey and dressing origins. This year, the bigger story is that shopping for all the special people in your life has overtaken Tom Turkey’s spotlight. So, in light of the strife about when stores should open for Black Friday, we’re celebrating the […]

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Increase Business Value by Utilizing Real-Time Information

Successful companies understand that the purpose of any business is to create value for customers, employees, and investors. Since the interests of these three groups are intricately connected, sustainable value can’t be created for one group unless it’s created for all. To accomplish this goal, an organization’s fundamental structure must enable its employees to access […]

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Applied Analytics at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid

by Padmini Ranganathan, Senior Director, Applied Analytics, SAP It’s obvious that digital data use, structured and unstructured, is exploding. It’s also obvious  that adoption of technology will depend on how the technology is served as the millennial and digital-native generations become the majority workforce in the coming decade. In his keynote address at SAPPHIRENOW, Dr. […]

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strategy and loyalty 500x385 150x150 Big Data = Big Loyalty for Brands

Big Data = Big Loyalty for Brands

Heading into the busiest shopping season, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung have a lot to celebrate as they’ve recently been ranked among the top of the world’s brand loyalty leaders. These companies – and the others that are ranked highly – all have one thing in common: their brands connect emotionally with their customers, and they consistently surpass […]

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Investing opprtunities 150x150 Empowering Business Users with Data Visualization

Empowering Business Users with Data Visualization

A growing number of business users are taking ownership of business intelligence, relying less on IT and creating more of their own reports and dashboards in a self-service approach, according to a recent report by the Aberdeen Group. Certainly one of the drivers for the DIY approach is that the data that’s presented in traditional […]

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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards – At-a-glance to Interactive

by Adam Binnie, Global VP & GM, Business Intelligence, SAP and Donald McCormick, Antivia When they first became popular, dashboards were generally thought to be best for an “at-a-glance” overview of the current situation. In some situations (e.g. real-time dashboards monitoring operational facilities) this overview is sufficient, however, in the vast majority of cases more […]

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Marketing People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

InformationWeek Executive Editor Doug Henschen takes Oracle to task for having the gall to criticize his article about Microsoft’s new in-memory solution while being less than candid about their own in-memory solution: Oracle Spotlights Its Database Memory Gap. The result of Oracle’s action is an article that explains in detail the gap between Oracle’s marketing […]

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