The Year of Data + Top 5 Spotfire Blog Posts of 2012

Happy New Year! Just in time for 2013, we’re bringing you the best of our blog from the past year and a New Year’s infographic that we think wraps up the “year of data” quite nicely. It even includes a few memes (bet you can’t get “Gangnam Style” out of your head) and fun facts – on big data, of course – to share on your last work day of the year.

Also, don’t miss our our roundup of the most read posts on the Spotfire blog in 2012.

content 2012 infographic The Year of Data + Top 5 Spotfire Blog Posts of 2012

No. 5 – The 4 Biggest Problems with Big Data: Does big data cause big problems? It can when business leaders don’t recognize which data sets to draw upon and/or know which pressing business issues can be resolved using big data. This post takes a look at the challenges that are associated with big data and makes some key recommendations on how to overcome the four biggest problems with big data.

No. 4 – The Big Data Debate – Scientist vs. Analyst: Who doesn’t love a good debate? This post, which received a lot of comments, shows that you, our readers, love a lively discussion that’s centered around the role of analyst and what the Harvard Business Review calls the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” Read it over again and give us your take on whether the data scientist will continue to be a haute topic or just another trend. And also find out why empowering users can make everyone on your team a data scientist in her own right.

No. 3 – 10 Trends Shaping Big Data in Financial Services: One thing we’ve learned about Spotfire blog readers – you guys and gals love lists of trends. (It must have something to do with the name of our blog!) Go back to this post to find out why nine out of 10 business leaders consider data the fourth factor of production behind labor, land and capital.

No. 2 – Top BI Resolutions and Trends for 2012 from Industry Experts: Our roundup of resolutions and the outlook for 2012 hit home in a big way with our blog readers. Review this post and see if the BI resolutions and predictions match up with the outcome of 2012 for your organization.

No. 1 – 5 Important HR Analytics: Our top post of the year features a big concern in HR – using analytics effectively. This post explores how HR can move beyond reporting what is (the present) or what was (the past) to predicting and analyzing what will be (the future).

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