What Are Dashboards

What Are Dashboards?


What are Dashboards is typically the question Sales and Marketing folks ask their IT department when it relates to Business Intelligence

IT usually defines What are dashboards as follows…

What are dashboards

Dashboard on iPad

What Are Dashboards – Dashboards / Scorecards provide an easy way to view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance.  These KPIs pertain to the business process that needs to be measured (i.e. Marketing Campaign feedback, Sales, Logistics, HR, etc.).  A properly configured Dashboard using BI Tools will give the Business User an overview of all relevant information to make decisions for a particular objective (i.e. Key Trends, Outliers / Exceptions, Stock Availability, etc.).  And Dashboards are an excellent tool to monitor key business data.

Dashboards are very useful for all departments of a company and can be customized to the needs of these areas.  The best Dashboards provide information for instant decisions such as new opportunities to go after.

One example we like to show what are dashboards used for is by analyzing data from different sources; such as a credit bureau and combining that with the prospect’s own customer data currently in their database(s).  We demonstrate how to merge all of this data to instantly find cross sell opportunities with a prospect’s own customer base.

For example, we show Credit Unions what are dashboards by showing them how they can quickly find new auto loans by analyzing their customer base of customers with good credit scores (provided by a third party such as Equifax) and comparing that to their customers who do not currently have auto loans with that Credit Union.  In a matter of minutes, a marketing person can take this analysis, export this very targeted list in a CSV file format and do either an email or direct mail campaign to this list.  In fact this type of analysis could be done, daily, weekly or monthly depending the needs of the Credit Union.  Imagine having the ability to pull up a dashboard, make a couple clicks of the mouse and instantly identify highly targeted prospects to market to on whatever product you need to promote.  How powerful is that?  This really demonstrates to Marketing, What are Dashboards used for.

Two of the best companies providing easy to use, robust Dashboards for companies of all sizes are Spotfire (part of TIBCO) and SAP.  Both of these companies offer BI tools for industry solutions for the Mobile Business User (supported on all mobile devices) and make it easy to understand truly What Are Dashboards.

What are dashboards - SAP Dashboard

SAP Dashboard

What are dashboards - Spotfire Dashboard

Spotfire Dashboard